Property Management

Association & Real Estate Property Management Attorneys

Kreamer Law Group, LLC offers representation to community associations, homeowners' associations, condominiums, real estate property management companies, and more. We assist with a wide range of issues faced by these organizations, including review and negotiation of leases, drafting operational agreements, reviewing bylaws, and much more. We understand that it can be difficult for associations and real estate property management groups to find quality representation by an attorney with knowledge in this specific field of law. At Kreamer Law Group, LLC, you can rest assured your association or real estate property management related issue is in the best of hands.

Community Association Representation

The attorneys at Kreamer Law Group, LLC assist community associations, such as condominium associations, homeowners' associations, cooperatives, and town home associations with a wide range of issues, including: drafting formation documents, property management, employment law matters, and much more. Our diverse association practice includes:

  • Review, negotiation, and preparation of contracts, leases, and easements
  • Negotiation, drafting, and review of operational agreements, covenants, declarations, and bylaws
  • Review of bylaws and association declarations for legal opinions
  • Advising and counseling management and the board as needed
  • Preparing and reviewing lender documentation
  • Assistance with association disputes
  • Installation of an initial board or incorporation of a new association
  • Rule enforcement or challenges
  • Development and adoption of amendments to the bylaws
  • Creation of association operational agreements
  • Collection of delinquent assessments and other litigation matters
  • Assistance in the development and adoption of amendments to the bylaws, covenants, and more
  • Association disputes
  • Counseling on environmental concerns
  • Election assistance
  • Construction disputes, including employment matters
  • Representation in landlord-tenant matters, including assessment collection, evictions, and breach of lease

Illinois Property Management Lawyer

With our extensive experience in real estate law and association law, we offer experienced representation for property managers. Our goal as a property management attorney is to ensure you understand your legal rights fully so that you can craft a successful landlord-tenant relationship. We make sure you are using an up-to-date lease with necessary disclosures and protective language. We offer ongoing advice to help you manage your landlord obligations in an effective manner. Property managers will sometimes become involved in disputes that may lead to litigation. Landlord-tenant laws are complex and any dispute will require the assistance of an experienced real estate property management attorney. At Kreamer Law Group, LLC, we will assist you in resolving landlord-tenant disputes in an effective and timely manner.

Kreamer Law Group, LLC: Experienced Representation for Associations and Real Estate Property Managers

Kreamer Law Group, LLC offers community and homeowners' associations, condominium associations, and real estate property management companies with the representation they need to handle a wide range of matters, including creation of homeowners' association bylaws, drafting of operational agreements, employment law matters, and much more. Allow Kreamer Law Group, LLC to protect your legal interests. Call Kreamer Law Group, LLC at 630-995-3668 to schedule a consultation.