Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law Attorneys

In today's volatile real estate market, it is wise to have the assistance of a real estate transactions attorney who is familiar with all aspects of buying and selling property.  Clients ranging from residential homeowners, commercial businesses, condominiums buyers and sellers find themselves in need of legal counsel who have an in-depth understanding of real estate and property law issues.

At Kreamer Law Group, LLC, we assist residential and business clients in a wide array of transactional real estate matters.  Our skilled real estate law attorneys can save you money and time, all while ensuring your interests are protected to the fullest.  Our practice includes the following transactional real estate matters:

Buying and Selling

The real estate market in Illinois has been unpredictable in the past few years.  Housing prices have risen dramatically since the housing crisis, but competition is fierce and prices often uneven.  Whether you are a commercial or residential buyer or seller, you need the experienced representation of a real estate law attorney to protect your interests each step of the way.

At Kreamer Law Group, LLC, our real estate law attorneys will represent you in all transactional phases, including the preparation and review of:

  • Real estate purchase and sale agreements, including residential and commercial
  • Financing documents
  • Land surveys
  • Deed restrictions
  • Closing documents

Mortgage Law

The process of financing a residential or commercial property can be complex and always requires the assistance of a licensed real estate attorney.  At Kreamer Law Group, LLC, our attorneys offer counsel on the following mortgage law related matters:

  • Resolving liens, encumbrances, and other title issues
  • Drafting and recording the mortgage, loan, and all other related documents
  • Uncovering and advising clients as to the existence of real property liens and their potential impact on the purchase

Land Use and Zoning

Real estate developers commonly run into land use and zoning issues.  The real estate law attorneys at Kreamer Law Group, LLC offer assistance in all land use and zoning related matters, including permitting, rezoning, variances, special uses, subdivision and platting, development agreements, impact fee issues, redevelopment, environmental and water-related permitting, historic preservation matters, and any other zoning and land use concerns.

Real Estate Lease Drafting, Negotiation, and Review

At Kreamer Law Group, many of our clients include residential and commercial real estate tenants.  We assist real estate tenants in the complex process of drafting, negotiating, and reviewing leases.  For commercial tenants who are often signing multi-year agreements pledging payment of significant sums, it is imperative to seek the assistance of an experienced real estate attorney.  Commercial leases are multi-faceted and it is essential that your legal rights be fully protected for the success of your business.

Construction Law

Illinois has an active construction industry which can present unique legal challenges.  A wide range of clients involved in the construction industry seek the help of our real estate law attorneys, including general contractors, owners, developers, engineers, and architects. We can assist in issues ranging from construction contracts and liens to real estate acquisition and land use.

Kreamer Law Group, LLC:  Representing Insurers and Insured on Issues Relating to Insurance Coverage

Whether you need assistance buying or selling residential or commercial real estate, closing on a home, resolving land use issues, or developing a new construction project, the Illinois Real Estate Law Attorneys at Kreamer Law Group, LLC are here to help.  Kreamer Law Group, LLC will ensure your interests are protected to the fullest no matter the type of real estate transaction.  Call Kreamer Law Group, LLC at 630-995-3668 to schedule a consultation.