Business Litigation

Illinois Business Litigation Attorneys

When you are faced with business litigation issues, you need the assistance of experienced commercial litigation lawyers.  At Kreamer Law Group, LLC, our Illinois business and commercial litigation attorneys possess the sophisticated legal knowledge needed to handle the complexities of commercial litigation.  We have successfully represented clients in business litigation matters in a wide range of industries, including: commercial property, transportation, retail, restaurants, and the medical profession. The Attorneys at Kreamer Law Group, LLC can handle litigation for commercial and consumer lenders, finance companies, creditor and mortgage lenders, credit card issuers, and financial institutions and investors in actions brought by borrowers.

Buesiness litigation comprises any type of litigation or controversy related to the conduct of businesses.  We represent clients in the following types of commercial litigation:

  • Business disputes, including contract disputes, employment disputes, and supplier/buyer disputes
  • Construction litigation, including general contractor liability, contract disputes, and construction accidents
  • Transportation litigation, including trucking accidents, auto accidents, and motorcycle accidents.
  • Business fraud
  • False claims/whistleblower actions
  • Insurance litigation, including improper denial of claims and fraud
  • Debt collections
  • Bank and lender liability
  • Products liability litigation, including breach of warranty, negligence, lemon law litigation, and dangerous or defective products

As this list illustrates, the scope of business litigations is quite broad and our range of experience spans its entirety.  As is also evident from this list, business litigation matters can range from relatively simple, easily resolved matters to highly complex matters that can take considerable time to resolve.  Litigation that is not properly handled can lead to months or years of unnecessary expense for you and your business.  This involves the expense of not only losing your case, but the additional cost of senseless delays caused by poorly completed work.  Business litigation is something that only skilled litigation attorneys are able to effectively handle.

Business disputes are often the origination of litigation, as the parties turn to the courts to resolve the dispute. Litigation should be anticipated by any modern business owner.  Business litigation comprises any sort of controversy or litigation related to the conduct of the business.  Litigation can be a stressful time for any business person.  The stakes are often high and the future of your business may be uncertain.

Much of the fear and worry surrounding litigation is caused by the business person's unfamiliarity with the process.  Most business owners or partners will have little to no knowledge of how litigation works, unless they have been through it before.  At Kreamer Law Group, LLC, we will help you to understand the process and assist your business through this difficult time.  Our founding attorney John C. Kreamer has over fifteen years of experience conducting bench and jury trials, as well as arbitrations and mediations.  With our firm behind you, you can rest assured your interests are being advanced to the fullest.  We will guide you through the litigation process from start to finish, resolving your litigation matter so that you can return to business as usual.

Kreamer Law Group, LLC:  Effective Business Litigation Lawyers

Nearly any business will become entangled in some sort of litigation during the life of the business.  Litigation matters can arise in all industries and involve a wide range of business issues.  Litigation is often high stakes and the success of your business litigation case may be quite significant to the overall success of your business.  Kreamer Law Group, LLC offers the experience and legal knowledge you need to obtain the results you desire.  Call Kreamer Law Group, LLC at 630-995-3668 to schedule a consultation.