Insurance Law

Insurance Law Attorneys

Insurance disputes often come down to two vital questions. Should the insurer be responsible for coverage of a particular claim, or does the insured have the right to insurance benefits under certain circumstances? The answers to these questions is often much disputed and the subject of intense debate, leading to litigation. Insurance disagreements over these matters are what most often drive clients to seek the assistance of an insurance attorney.

At Kreamer Law Group, LLC, we counsel our clients on coverage law related to general liability, employment practices, commercial crime, commercial property, director and officer liability, and other forms of insurance law. Our attorneys further have extensive experience advising on cases that fall under existing coverage plans, as well as those cases that occurred prior to the start date of coverage or following the cancellation or expiration of coverage.

Our attorneys handle a wide array of insurance coverage matters, including those involving bodily injury, property damage, theft, professional liability, products liability, construction defects, errors and omissions, additional insured status, and more. Our knowledge and experience in an array of other matters, from real estate, corporate, and employment, allows us to effectively tackle any insurance law matter.

Insurance Coverage Litigation

Insurance disputes hold the potential to rise to litigation. When bad faith claims or other insurance coverage disputes erupt, we will aggressively advocate for our clients. While we are prepared at all times to confront litigation, we always first practice preventative law. For our insurance and business clients, we conduct extensive legal audits to help uncover areas within the client's business that may leave them open to litigation. We then develop action plans to help avert any legal and insurance related problems.

Helping You Recover What You Deserve

In Illinois, millions of insurance policy holders make payments faithfully each month with the understanding that if a manmade or natural disaster should occur, their property is vandalized, or an accident occurs, their insurance company would provide reimbursement. Many of these individuals will eventually be forced to make a claim—but many are met with denials or low offers for compensation.

At Kreamer Law Group, LLC, we offer aggressive representation for those individuals whose insurance claims are denied. We work with you to understand your insurance policy contract, your rights, and your legal options. We seek first to negotiate a favorable settlement, but will proceed with litigation if necessary. Our firm will work hard to see that you obtain the restitution you deserve.

Defending the Insurer

At Kreamer Law Group, LLC, we offer aggressive defense for insurance companies facing insurance claims. We will carefully examine the scope and limitations of the coverage so that our clients gain a full understanding of the issues at hand. We handle many different claims, including wrongful death and general liability. With our assistance, your company can achieve prompt resolution of any insurance claim.

Kreamer Law Group, LLC: Representing Insurers and Insured on Issues Relating to Insurance Coverage

Insurance disputes can be high stakes, often involving an intense weighing of the question as to whether the insurer should be responsible for the claim and whether the insured is covered under the circumstances surrounding the case. Kreamer Law Group, LLC offers experienced counsel for insured and insurers alike on a wide variety of insurance-related matters. When disagreements arise between insurers and the insured, Kreamer Law Group, LLC is here to help, providing high quality, innovative, and dedicated legal services. Call Kreamer Law Group, LLC at 630-995-3668 to schedule a consultation.